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Carbon monoxide poisoning
Physical, mental, behavioral symptoms and effects

Long term effects from carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

Who is impacted by long term effects:

From the mouths of carbon monoxide poisoning survivors:

  • It feels like my life as I knew it is gone

  • I just don't have energy to do things

  • Nobody seems to understand what I am going through

  • I feel so up and down

  • I feel alone

  • This has been the most isolating experience of my life

  • Not a day goes by where I don't think about my poisoning

  • I have a lot of bad days

  • My doctors just don't seem to know much

  • I feel sentenced to a life where things are so much more difficult than they used to be

  • I am starting to lose hope

  • Will I ever get better?

  • I feel so trapped by a brain that won't work properly

  • I just can't function like I used to

  • I feel like I have a handicap no one can see

  • I wish I knew what to do to feel better

Your comments about carbon monoxide poisoning...

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follow up
Bryan from WI
After 3 days of relentless headaches and nausea I was smiling and laughing one minute and then getting into a horrible fight with my new wife. In 6 years of marriage we've never come close to such a terrible argument. Within 4 days we went from a couple who just spent a 10 day vacation together at a remote island getaway where there were no phones, TV's, or iinternet, enjoying every minute of it, to planning out our divorce. I blame my desire to save on heating bills by heavily using my fireplace for once again finding myself in a very life altering situation. CO can be a silent killer in many more ways than actual death. Before using your fireplace have it carefully checked by a professional frequently-even then the types of wood you use, the type of fans, temp the fire burns at, can all change the amount of CO produced. I like making wood, I like a burning fire, yet I'll never burn a fireplace again as long as i live.

Bryan from WI
I read these stories and can\'t help wondering what life may have been like without the effects of CO. About 10 years ago a faulty fireplace flue in my home went undetected for perhaps a couple years. Issue was not the fireplace i actually used but one upstairs in the bedroom. I had a CO alarm downstairs but never thought about up. My ex was constantly sick and had multiple diagnosis from multiple doctors-I was constantly sick with one thiing or another myself. Worked road const in N. WI and had off over winters-just made wood and burned the fire to save money on heat. Finally noticed visible smoke coming out of upstairs fireplace-used a detector and it immediately went to alarm evacuate mode each time checked. Unfortunately I did not find it in time to save my marriage. The constant headaches and irritability along with irrational-almost delusional behavior-left us hating each other. Just like it can be masked by flu like symptoms, CO, can also be a hidden factor in depression, brain functioning, and dysfunctional relationships. I tried convincing people at the time but no one believed me. Now 10 years later i find myself once again in same position. After a week of burning my fireplace hard during last cold snap I found myself wishing to die on the bathroom floor from the nausea and vicious headache I encountered. I\'ve had many migraines over the years that force me to retreat to a dark quiet room-this was different-it was like helium inside my brain with enough pressure to make it explode.

RB from Michigan
I was poisoned at work in low doses each day for almost a year. It was after I had a long list of tests done that my wonderful doctor started looking at the bus I had been driving. I had a stack of repair requests for the smell of fumes to be looked at. After months of driving it they did find a leak under the hood and said they fixed it. After that the smell got worse and so did I. I never would have put my issues together with my bus issues. I always thought that you had to feel like sleeping or pass out before it would hurt you. I didn\'t think that the faint smell everyday would or could hurt me. I tested positive for brain issues and have trouble with the simplest things in life. I feel like my life will never be the same. Illness is very isolating. I can only stay on task for very short times and I\'m toast for the day. I wouldn\'t wish this on anyone.

Lung poisoning
I have worked at a restaurant for 3 years. Every winter they turn off the hood exhaust venting to save on their heating bill. I have become very very sick. Denied workers comp as I cannot prove it is the fumes that made me sick. I have no insurance so I cannot get the tests to prove it. The gas fumes and cooking oils from grille and fryer plus the owners smoking in the kitchen area. Now my life feels lost and hopeless.
I need medical treatment badly and cannot get it....

Eland from USA
Everyone out there... What can we do? I suffered long-term chronic exposure... My life has been greatly affected by this...

I need to know what we can do? Supplements? Vitamins? Etc... Does anyone have any recommendations?

Also, I'm sure I was just exposed again... I knew it by the quality of the air... I have a headache and feel lethargic...

We need to figure something out!

help clarify
melissa kokinda from northeastern pa
Me and my 2 older children were exposed to extremely high levels of co. My son was 3 and my daughter was 1. Now they are 10 and 12. Question is how long of damage can it be for them? My daughter has been for the past 4 years displaying memory loss and behavior problems. Can it have been damage from the co and how long of extended damage can it do?

survivors dont give up
nextgen from eastern US
My father & my uncle were at 4 /6years old victims of CM poisoning; sadly my father was unconscious for awhile; my uncle fully recovered; he never lost consciousness. My uncle told me his memory of my father being sick; waking up screaming and hallucinating. For whatever reason, no one told the doctors he was overcome by CM; my father never was the same ;he never reached normally capacity in grade school; and had what everyone thought was schizophrenia. Still, thanks to the help of his loving brother, he lived a full and extraordinary life; he served his country, married had a daughter, son & even grandchildren. By 62 his symptoms had waned and he was enjoying his retirement with friends, family. Unfortunately he was killed by a drunk driver. My father was a wonderful, loving devoted father despite few knowing the cause of his symptoms. I can't imagine life growing up without him. Don't give up; many wonderful memories are possible if you have family that can help. Educate family about your accident. best regards.

Carbon monoxcide possining
Bryan from San Diego
Ive have suffered from carbon monoxcide possining at work, failure to fixing the leaks by boss left it unattended. I now have no feeling in my legs arms and work comp will not approve any of the test that need to be done, so, my question is if anyone knows of any GOOD work comp attorneys please let me know. I\\\\\\\'ve lost everything I really need help!!!!

Thank you!!!

william chavez from fl
for the first time i read about people who have been exposed to co. i cry as i read their stories, because, like them, i am a living tragedy, i was born in a small country in central america , i don't even want to mention the name of this place, as i feel as if my own mother deserted me, i say this because i was born into this circumstance and was hurt as an 10 or 11 yrs old boy, and was helpless... any way, briefly i will say that my early yrs. up to fifth grade were the only happiness i have ever tasted, i could do anything better than my mates, i could sing so well, i remember, school was a joke to me in the sense that i never made a grade lower that 98, i could memorize entire chapters effortlessly my exams were always a question of how fast could i finish them,i was constantly told that i was an advanced child, perhaps the height of compliments was that i would some day become the president of the country.... then disaster struck, my father died and we moved to the city and for some strange reason i started to stand by cars that left a deadly trail of smoke and taking deep breaths of smoke, my life as i knew it ended, i started to have horrific headaches, my ears would turn red and burn so badly, my legs would give me undescribabel pains, if i ever put a hat on i would end up lying on the floor with the biggest migrane possible, but the worst of all my problems was my school, suddenly i could not remember things i read the day before, the biggest disappointment came when my english teacher gave me the answers to the test the night before and i still manage to fail, ....god please help, what is happening!!!!!!!!!why,why,why.......today i am 62 yrs old, and i have flashes of my old prowesses i have learned 2 languages besides english and spanish, and i still play my guitar and sing, but the memories and consequences of my childhood still linger, as if i was branded in the manner of cain to carry my condemnation till i sleep and REST at last

Crazy head
Susie from Hereford,Tx
I was poisoned at work.I don't really know how many months.My bloodpressure went crazy along with dizzy head,headaches,upset stomach,thought I was going to pass out.But I had to work.One day I thought I felt a little better at home,but I am at work more then home.Then one day they came in at work to work on the heater.That is when I learned what was wrong with me.They said the building was full of carbon-monoxide.Get doors up now!I went to my heart doctor before I knew but he could not figure it out.Doctors just look at you when you tell them.I don't think I will very feel right again.This happen to me about 4 yrs ago
but I still have problems with dizziness and lightheadness.I wished I could find someone that could help me.

no one understands
i give up on trying to explain my issues to anyone including doctors,and the hints that i was trying to kill myself are insulting! and a mean shot at my charicter as my life was at one of its highest points when this happend.now i am unable to performe my old job and have lost many abilities that used to come natually to me.i have lost my spiret and love of life

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Jade Green from Hawaii
About 10 yrs. ago I used to be a passenger in a car that leaked gas fumes thru the floorboards. Now, at age 55 I experience the same effects with just a little exposure of it. Extreme headaches,neckpain have to rest to recover. I am a healthy female with the body of a much younger external person.

kerry from stamford ct
the lady next door switched to gass. when she burns it it smells like karazeen. after 6 months im on the portch and my head just seemd to be ebing out. i got up went inside and started to recover. i smell the gass fumes from next door every day. i have to shut the windows i get sick and feel like heaving if to long. am i sick from long term exposure to the fumes. can the 2nd hand gass from the roof vent next door hurt my body. am i in any danger of geting cancer from it by breating it in on a every day bases. they burn natral gass. when it comes out the chiminy vent our house is sourounded by it. its a sick sweet gass like smell. my email is

karie from wi
can carbonmonixide cause copd as well as contribute to things like add or adhd

I was working with a concrete cutter inside a garage and a hallway, had a lot of breaks and things like that, but in the end of the day i had a bad headache. So i stopped, and took it chill, the headache was gone like 1 hour after, and i was just a little croggy.

So didnt experienced anything more effects for like 2 years, but when i started reading about Co poison, i started getting anixiety,depression , headache + had have now for 1 year , a very bad feeling in my throat.

Have also done MRI test, and nothing there, Can you see on a MRI test if there is anything damage regarding Co poisoning ?

Have also surfed a lot on the internet and looks like omega 3 krill oil helps the brain repairing itself. So i am on a hardcore krill oil diet.

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