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How was it determined that BSF may help survivors?

To anyone wondering if there is a medication or natural health product made specifically for carbon monoxide survivors - no such things exists.

To anyone looking for research studies to show that any medication or natural health product is proven effective for carbon monoxide survivors, it does not exist - and likely never will. Learn the reasons why.

If anyone is aware of such a product or study please contact us.

"BSF: a natural option?" is written as a question and the states: '...there are no research studies showing that any medication or health supplement is proven effective as a 'carbon monoxide treatment' after poisoning.

That said, over the last four years several thousand people have joined our recovery support program. In the program we work to educate survivors as to the potential impact(s) some people experience from CO poisoning, as well as how to better support the body in its recovery.

We regularly receive emails and comments from survivors saying that they tried x supplement, y herb, or z treatment and that they feel they received benefit - and we should let other survivors know about it.

While some survivors have communicated amongst themselves within the recovery support program we have steered clear of endorsing any product or treatment.

However, the wonders of the internet have given us feedback and information from survivors - the world over. When we see overlap in what's being communicated, we look into it further.

We independently received strong feedback from a number of survivors about BSF. Then William, our reluctant carbon monoxide expert and a survivor himself, tried BSF (as he has a number of other products) and found significant health improvements relatively quickly. He made more health progress using BSF for 6 months than in the previous 3 years - and that is no small feat considering he has 'religiously' been doing the right things to support his health and recovery for more than 7 years.

It was at that point we let a number of people in the recovery support program know about BSF. We simply mentioned that we had heard good things about BSF from a number of survivors and if they were to try it, would they let us know if it worked for them. The decision to try it was theirs and theirs alone. To say the feedback was strong is an understatement.

While this is nowhere near the level of a formal study or scientific research, it serves as an indicator.

Keep in mind, BSF is a whole food, nothing more. It is backed by more research (focussed on optimizing cellular functioning) than any health product in history (all performed in a nonprofit environment) AND is produced to exacting standards AND was given the award for best nutraceutical in the world in 2002 AND has no known side effects or contraindications with food or medications AND is certified by a government body (Health Canada).

Given all this, we believe carbon monoxide survivors should at least be aware that BSF exists. That is how it became the only product that we have ever mentioned on our website.

We are not implying that this, or any product, can reverse permanent damage. We are suggesting that if you are considering taking a health supplement to support your health and recovery, then we know of no better choice.

The choice to use it, or any other supplement, is yours. Only you can know if it works for you.

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Is BSF affordable?

BSF costs between $45 a month and $250 a month depending on the Formula (F1, F2, F3) and how much is consumed (1 or 2 bottles per month).

Many people report they are able to reduce or stop using other supplements as well as consume less food (because their body is more efficient) - so they end up better off financially.

Who profits from this?

Given all the media coverage about rampant greed and corruption it's easy to feel cynical about a lot of things, especially toward those that profit from the misery of others.

However, there are businesses that do strive to make a real positive difference, have integrity, and actually care. We know that the people behind BSF are such people.

If you order BSF through this web site (a non-profit), we receive a small commission - a reduced amount because of the 10% discount coupon.

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