A guide to carbon monoxide...

Carbon monoxide poisoning
The keys to a better long term recovery

This video covers three important understandings that can open the door to a faster, easier, and more complete recovery.

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Thank you
This is the first time I've gotten the 'why' answered for my lifelong but suddenly morphing symptoms. Lucky to have found this; a few years ago someone got me onto aloe vera product and i felt so much better; now I know why. I hope I can discipline myself to get back on them. Stay away from triggers, take supplements, and exercise if you can; but if a stressful time approaches, travel to get away from the stress or do whatever you can to relax.

I look forward to watching more videos.
Ruth from Canada
Very helpful ... at last, some answers. I just need more details: what do the cells need and what exactly should I take away?

very helpful information


This site is seriously dialed in
Mark from Vancouver, BC
Way way way better than any other site I've seen. really good information. Thanks!

Great info
Alden from SC - USA
Thanks. Makes a ton of sense.

This makes a lot of sense but how exactly do I do the things mentioned in the video?

We suggest you join the recovery program at http://www.carbon-monoxide-survivor.com/carbon-monoxide-poisoning-treatment-and-recovery-program.html

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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