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Carbon monoxide poisoning
Recovery support program

This recovery support program covers how to create a stronger environment within the body to help support recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Whether poisoning happened recently or years ago, this program can help support recovery.

When you are accepted into the program you receive one to two short emails per week, most with a video covering one topic on the subject of carbon monoxide poisoning, managing ongoing effects, health, and recovery.

Doing the right things over a period of time can add up and make a difference.

There is no cost to join the program.

When you apply to join you will be taken to an online questionnaire. Answer the questions. Your application will be reviewed and we will let you know within a few days.

Apply to join the recovery program here:

This carbon monoxide poisoning recovery program is designed to help you understand:

  • what poisoning can do to cells in your body and brain

  • what signs and effects you need to be aware of

  • what could still happen

  • how to better manage ongoing effects

  • what can be done to help support a faster recovery

For anyone experiencing ongoing effects there is no magic pill or quick fix but a faster more effective recovery is possible if specific things are done.

If given the right conditions the body can do a remarkable job healing itself. However, the average diet, lifestyle, and way of life is less-than-optimal for recovery. These factors can make it [much] harder for the body to recover, meaning a [much] slower recovery or a stalled recovery (in some cases for years).

The secret is in understanding the keys to recovery and knowing what to do.

This program shows you some important keys to recovery and what you can do to better support recovery. It helps you understand the many different "forces" that may affect you after poisoning.

There is no cost to join the program.

When you apply to join you will be taken to an online questionnaire. Answer the questions. Your application will be reviewed and we will let you know within a few days.

Apply to join the recovery program here:

This one-of-a-kind carbon monoxide poisoning information covers:

  • basic routines that support a faster more complete recovery

  • things to avoid that can [seriously] slow down recovery

  • things to do that can [significantly] improve the quality and speed of recovery

  • foods that allow the body to heal faster

  • what kind of water is best for a survivor

  • minor lifestyle changes that can make a major difference

  • specific suppliments that other survivors have used with success

  • simple exercises that help promote recovery

  • specific food preparation techniques for faster recovery

  • state of the art healing technologies

Doing the right things in the right order can make a world of difference - creating a stronger environment within the body to better support a faster recovery.

Over time the effects of this program add up and can make a big difference to the speed and effectiveness of your recovery; as well as how you feel day-to-day.

Survivors frequently have difficulty with fatigue, concentration, reading, memory, keeping track of things, following through, and a range of other effects that appear to "come and go" without reason.

Each lesson is short, to the point, and uses video. Only one topic is covered at a time and you can easily view information again as needed.

This program does not diagnose or treat symptoms, nor does it prescribe medication. Please consult with your health professional before starting this or any other health, wellness, or exercise program.

This carbon monoxide recovery program covers state of the art information, technologies, and supplimentation:

  • Some topics build on the information from previous weeks, others stand alone.

  • Many topics cover subjects that do not involve any costs of any kind.

  • Other topics may suggest changes to diet or lifestyle which could involve some new expenses however existing expenses may also be offset.

  • A few topics cover subjects that may have a larger cost but they are reviewed because they have been shown to be effective and it is important you know they exist if needed.

  • Where possible links to specific products and suppliers are included however availability may vary depending on your country and region.

During this ongoing program you will receive one or two short emails per week and an online video covering one topic on the subject of recovery, managing ongoing effects, and healing.

Again, there is no cost to join the program.

When you apply to join you will be taken to an online questionnaire. Answer the questions. Your application will be reviewed and we will let you know within a few days.

Apply to join the recovery program here:


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Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
Explanation of the inner body burning sensations.
Beryl Wallis from UK
I am a long term carbon monoxide exposure survivor, like all survivors comments have just read I too suffered and still suffer from terrible burning sensation throughout my body daily, it gets worse as the day progresses, my body swells and brain swells too. During extensive months of research online I came across the explanation for this burning. As follows:

If body cells are starved of more than 60% of the oxygen they need (as in carbon monoxide poisoning) it gets permanently damaged and loses the ability to utilise oxygen so has to use body sugars in order to keep living, when a cell utilises body sugars through lack of necessary oxygen it produces lactic acid e.g. as when over exercising the muscles they begin to burn as it take the kidneys longer to rid the body of the lactic acid, if this happens to cells short term as in the over exercising example the body recovers usually 24 hours or less. In the case of CO poisoning it will depend on how much permanent damage been done in each individual case It did not specify in the article any further as each case is different. I am now in my 5th year since CO exposure which lasted 2 years before I found out my new boiler had been installed without a carbon monoxide trap and all the serious multiple illnesses I was experiencing was caused by daily CO spillage. My GPs so carbon monoxide ignorant as most GPs in UK are, automatic blood tests are not carried out even though I was in and out of
A & E and hospital wards constantly - no causes having been found after 6 months my GP put on my medical notes \'hypochondria\' !! so now having to fight for Justice for CO poisoning and GP negligence. I also had an MRI brain scan that shows damage to White Matter Area which a USA Neurologist says is indicative of CO poisoning, unfortunately I am still trying to find out who that neurologist was as name was not given in the posted comments online from a Carbon Monoxide Survivors site. (not this site). Hope this helps those who get the burning sensation, I find if have a bad day of burning if I rest the next day it helps it to ease off quicker.. I suffered Renal Failure during the CO exposure which my GPs failed to tell me about or treat. Time can heal some of our injuries I am told but not the kidney damage. Got serious sight damage and deafness too.

Cellular Burns
Maryann from USA
I was burning alive 14 years ago from the inside out. I had severe burning throughout my entire body inside. I became unable to walk,exhausted,sensitive to everything in my environment. The pain was excruciating. I was told I was mental and put on anti-depressents. Finally was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. I have never recovered. The burning subsided after I removed the car that caused it. My former husband has it illegally passed on emissions inspection.I am convinced my entire cellular make up was burned and altered.

Worried because I think I have changed
Thank you for all the great information.

I was poisoned for almost a year. Some episodes left me debilitated. It has been 2 1/2 months since it ended. I can\\\'t stop researching, reading and going to doctors. I am weak, anxious and oversensitive and I physically have no energy or motivation.

I know I am not the same person because of this life changing event. I guess we will never be who we were but I hope that we can all ultimately enjoy life through support and positive surroundings.

Could this be what's happening to me?
Paul Madison from Southern California

Paul Madison

Some weird stuff has been hapening to me lately and it's got me a little scared. I think I got a touch ofr carbon monoxide poisoning last weekend at work. I came home and after several hours the symptoms (blurry vision , dizzynes, nausea and a headache from hell) went away. Yesterday I went over to my daughter's house. We sat out in her garage, which has a gas water heater, for 15 or 20 minutes. After we came in I was having trouble speaking intelligently and I couldn't remember things. I couldn't remember my grandson's names, son-in-law or my girlfriends name. I tried to explain to my daughter a meal that I had prepared and asked her to verify that dumplings were indeed a type of food and would dumplings be something eaten w/ chicken? It took 30 minutes to get my focus again while confusing the hell out of my daughter..... I've never had this kind of stuff happen, even when plasterd out of my gord!

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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