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Carbon monoxide poisoning years ago
It is still affecting me. What can I do?

Many things can be done to help manage the symptoms and ongoing effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Many things can also be done to help support recovery and help the body heal itself. If given a stronger healing environment the body is able to do a remarkable job of healing itself. However, it takes time, knowing what to do, and doing it in the right order.

The modern diet, lifestyle, and way of living does not offer the most beneficial environment for recovery. In fact, in many ways it can [significantly] slow down the process.

To learn more about what to do to create a [much] stronger healing environment within the body apply to join the recovery support program.

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Years Later Still Destroying My Body
Christine from Ohio
You know my journey started 12 years ago. We had poisoning in the home we purchased. Did not know it. It has changed our lives. My sin struggles just with survival he has a form of autism due to it. He has a daily struggle as he functions lower then his actual age. It is hard for him to make friends. People just don\\\'t get he is how he is because of the carbon monoxide.

My life well survival daily. Healthwise my body fights me every step of the way. Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Digestive System.Dysautonomia in a nut she\\\'ll. My body regulate right anymore. When it is cold most of the time I am hot. Life changes yearly. Just when I think it can\\\'t get worse. Another illness that is related or another symptom. My hearing tone deaf but they can\\\'t find what is wrong. They said I really don\\\'t have a lot of balance. Constant falls and injuries. Yes, I am a fall risk.

Sometimes I have a good day when I can do a few things the next day or days in bed asleep. No strength, lethargic.

Getting used to being like this 12 years later isn\\\'t easy. You just want to scream some days. It is hard the daily struggle just to survive.

When I read on the news about people who have been poisoned I close my eyes and cry. I cry because of the unknown. Did the doctor inform these people that days, months, or even years from now this poison will still be taking a toll on their bodies? Last night one person died from an apartment that was leaking carbon monoxide. Eight people are still in the hospital. Do they know what their live will be when they get released. Will the doctor inform them that even the low levels can cause the damage just as bad as high levels of exposure? Will they tell them if they were exposed to high levels that their life will be about dealing with the daily struggles that high levels of exposure brings? Did they explain that your main organs are attacked first? If you have any type of illness already you are more susceptible to carbon monoxide attacking their systems.

I know I shouldn\\\'t worry about that every time that I see carbon monoxide poisoning. I don\\\'t know the people. I can\\\'t tell them what their doctor didn\\\'t. But I still think of them. They became a group of limited people who lived to tell but daily struggles to survive. I sadly welcome them in this circle and I wish that they don\\\'t have to be apart of it.

I would never want anyone to have to go through what I have. Although it will continue to happen. Laws should exist that carbon monoxide detectors in all homes just as smoke detectors are. Even then there is still no guarantee.

Yes, you can be awarded SSI/SSDI for CO poisoning
Monica from Colorado
Just to let people know, if your CO poisoning has impacted you so severely that you can no longer work, you are eligible for social security disability. But it can be a long uphill struggle. My poisoning was discovered in December of 1999. I was sick all the time, lost much of my short term memory, my executive functioning was badly impacted. I tried to work but would get fired after only a few weeks because I just could perform well enough on the job. I finally gave in and applied for disability. CO poisoning can be hard to document and diagnose, so it took me 5 years to get help from social security. I was finally awarded my SSDI in 2004.

If you apply for SSI/SSDI don't give up. Keep fighting them and appeal if necessary. Make yourself heard. Write letters to everyone you can think of. Keep telling Social Security about your difficulties and symptoms. Write them a hundred times if you have to. If I won you can too.

Michelle from Illinois
Did you apply for disability or can you? I won my case and you maybe could to?? I have major depression, anxiety and my Dr. says I have ADD but I don't beleive him. Never had any problems before my poisoning. I was poisoned from 2006-2010, enough carbon to make a peron vomit. I don't have ADD, I have carbon monoxide poisining from our furnance!

bad brain
Ventura from Denver, Co
My life has never been good. As a child I was kept in a dirt basement with a coal furnace. Between the ages of 3 and 9 I stayed and played in this basement. I played in the coal, I would put the coal in the furnace, take out the clinkers, (the melted chuncks of coal), I was breathing the CO on a daily basis, and the heat pipes were covered with asbestos. I had anger issues from the time I was in 5th grade. I had major cluster headaches from my teens into my mid 30's. I have never been able to hold a job for very long. I've had over 50 jobs in 40 years of working. I've been through 3 divorce's and gone to jail several times. My digestion has alway been poor yet I eat very well. I get so stressed and overwhelmed that I want to die. I have PTSD, I'm bi-polar, suffer OCD, I wake up with the dry heaves, shaking on the inside and out, and wish I was dead. I have no idea where to go for help and no one believes me about the CO affects on my brain, the ringing of severe tinnitus, or my developmental disabilities. Now I'm homeless, and have no hope for the future. I can't even support myself, because I can't keep employed. I can care for myself as far as cooking and hygene, keeping house, organization and light part time work but I can't handle and pressure of a basic retail or fast food job. I'm at a loss and don't know what to do with my life. Someone please help, I need some one to help take care of me. The depression and hopelessness over ride me everyday. I'm very smart but also very limited. Please contact me at: venzar@hotmail.com
Thank you.

Christine from Ohio
My doctor I had was the opposite. He refused to believe there are any after effects to CMP. I am wondering now how many people who came to him suffered as well. Even after I had oxygen deprivation. He kept telling me nothing was wrong and everything that was wrong with me was all in my head. The brain damage and the seizures were so I guess he got that part right.

This site was founded by carbon monoxide poisoning survivors. While much of the information on this site is medically and scientifically referenced, it is not a medical site. However, we hear from CO survivors daily and share experiences and information given to us.

Sadly, many CO poisoning survivors are never properly diagnosed. Even those that are typically have a VERY difficult time getting treatment that is actually effective. Some of the reasons for this are described here:
The only person that we know of in the conventional medical realm that has any profile in the carbon monoxide world is Dr Penny. He has written several books on the subject

That said, there are some good alternative health options that seem to be very effective. Many CO survivors have found incredible relief from the ongoing symptom and swear by them however, these health options are not backed by formal scientific research or peer reviewed studies. They are however backed by real world survivor testimonies.

We offer an online video wellness and recovery program. It is available at:

How do you get doctors to do the arterial venious blood gas testing? Do you have peered review studies available to help. My specialist is requesting I send him research to get the blood testing.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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