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Carbon monoxide symptoms: long term

What symptoms did you (or someone you know) experience six months after poisoning and onwards?

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RN exposed 4 years
suzie from new mexico
A faulty "boiler" and bad ventilation caused our exposure. The previous comment prompted me to write. I have similar CRAZY residual symptoms and believe MS is very possible. It stems from 'demyelinating" aspect of spinal cord from long term lack of oxygen, causing plaque-like lesions along cord, eating away at the myelin sheath, the protective cover. Imagine all of the organs and systems being affected, especially nerve type pains and sensations. Effecting bowel/bladder, decreased movement in both, sharp shooting, random pains, gas like, intermittent but relentless. Muscle twitches (fasciculations), little flutters under the skin, numbness, tingling in extremities, extreme muscle fatigue, tremors, little vibrations randomly in arms and legs and entire body when lying down, sharp, stabbing pains in temples, alternating at times, inside of eyes, back of head, jaw/tooth pain, wierd sounds in head, crackling, ringing, loss of hearing in one ear intermittently, ace wrap-like band around torso/ribs, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle weakness, no tone, cramps in arches of feet/toes, esp when lying down, no apetite, slight nausea at times, insomnia, palpitations, (doing valsalvas maneuver helps), pain across sternum.....hmm, think I about covered it all, and, as expected, depression!

Symptoms I dealt with and am still dealing with
Michael from California
I was exposed to CO poisoning for 5 years in a house. During the last year my health was so crippled that I lost all hope. The symptoms first began as a weird sinus infection that seemed to set up an odd cold, then ongoing flu, with continuing sinus infection. Over the last two years before it got corrected (looked up the signs and had every one, my work RN told me I had to contact PG&E who found several immediately), I experienced ongoing headaches, nausea, exhaustion (throughout the time), and vertigo. Now almost 3 months free from the poisoning, my headaches are gone, vertigo cleared up quickly, although the exhaustion, mild sinus drainage, and limited energy daily has been present. I'm hopeful that normal will return over this coming year. I hope.

4 months after a 2 year exposure and I feel horrible!!
I found out 4 months ago that I had been daily exposed to CO from a blocked chimney. I had every symptom in the list and was getting really bad. My breathing had become acute. 4 months in recovery is not good. I feel tired, have chest tightness, brain fog, my thyroid cannot get regulated, sleep is just not there either. My doctor is clueless. I just don't know what to do. Any help out there?

driving brain fog
Helen from NJ
Been driving the work car for over 2 yrs. Fighting brain fog , going into trans like states, started to pass out for seconds & back again. I tried to fight it , I thought it was me. I went to a therapist, who said funny your attacks happen while you are driving the work car. I thought,she-s right. We had it checked & there was a huge exhaust leak near the front. I hadn\'t wanted to complain. They fixed it, but I am still feeling effect, but the clinic waon\'t give me a blood test & say go to ER. I have no health benefits either. I need an expensive lawyer.

brain shuttin down/ gas dryers
ann marie from ny
pressure inthe brain,sinus cavity pain n teeth jaw fees lik out of conrol alignment at times have bit my tngue realy bad seeral times double vision purple hands legs belly itchy scalp thumpng on the side of brain whichch shifts jumping in veins in legs pain in both lungs pain in neck spine shoulders burning on face double vision lethhhhhhargic trembling in intesines had stroke smptoms had shakes/seizures like couldnt speak headaches migraines cant walk attt all somedays alwe.r.ays says i have anxiety itching like crazy right hand shuts downnn memory loss heart palpitations chemical sensitivity when i go into big stores just cant walk al.s. symptoms i m just surviving

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