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Carbon monoxide treatment
Support for recent poisoning

After being poisoned most survivors are told to "Go and get some rest." While that's good advice, more can be done to help support carbon monoxide treatment.

This video provides more information to help support carbon monoxide treatment after a recent poisoning.

Carbon monoxide treatment support for recent poisoning

  • Drink plenty of filtered or good quality water. Room or body temperature water places less strain on the body. Sip slowly over the day as it is easier for the body to process and use.

  • BSF is a product we have received more positive feedback from survivors than all others combined. When taken consistently and frequently in small quantities it is highly efficient as a trigger for self-healing.

  • Avoid stress of all kinds:
    • Reduce or avoid heavy physical or mental workloads
    • Avoid toxins where ever possible (household cleaners, dust, vehicul traffic, wet paints, cigarettes, 2nd hand smoke, hair spray, new pavement, chemicals, etc.)
    • Avoid caffeine and stimulants
    • Reduce stimulus (crowds, TV)
    • Avoid drinks and foods containing artificial ingredients (colorings, preservatives, aspartame, etc.)
    • Avoid junk food, candy, sweets, and be cautious with sugar intake (your body may have a [much] harder time balancing blood sugar and this could lead to mood instability and/or fatigue)
    • Reduce electromagnetic exposure (use a speaker phone for mobile or cordless phone calls, if possible turn off home wireless devices at night)
    • Eat smaller and easier to digest meals. A digestive enzyme before meals may help (most health stores have them).

  • Learn more about the potential symptoms and after effects of poisoning and ask people close to you to learn more. They may be able to notice things you don't.

  • Keep a carbon monoxide journal - until you and your family are confident you have fully recovered, jot down the date, physical health, energy levels, emotions (especially frustration, anger, rage, upset, or depressive emotions), observations or comments made by others (eg. conflict or criticism), anything else that could be related.

  • Get plenty of rest.

Much more can can be done if you feel you need it. The recovery support program covers how to help support recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Ask for additional support

Ask people close to you to learn more about carbon monoxide poisoning, especially about the potential after effects. If they know more about what could happen, they may be able to notice things you don't. Awareness, patience, and support is valuable for everyone involved

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This is so important...
Mary K from TX, USA
This info is simple but so important for anyone that has been poisoned.

Thanks for pointing me to e3live. I have been taking it and it has helped a lot. I noticed a difference in how I felt within a couple of days.

Wish I had been told this kind of thing after my CO poisoning. So simple but makes sense.

Finally. This is the kind of information I have been looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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