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Potential carbon monoxide signs

Potential carbon monoxide signs can look like all kinds of commonly known health problems and disorders.

Carbon monoxide has long been called the "great imitator" as carbon monoxide poisoning(s) can cause or worsen many disorders including:

Multiple low-level carbon monoxide poisonings (chronic CO poisoning) can also cause symptoms that appear to be immune deficiency, viral/bacterial pulmonary infections, and/or viral/bacterial gastrointestinal infections.

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Carole from england
hospitals are lacking in the knowledge of o2 poisioning and need up dating this could in the future save so many lifes ..

This looks like the current hit parade of disorders of the day.

Could it be that we now have so many sources of carbon monoxide that they are causing all these health problems. Gee, I wonder?

Seriously delayed symptoms
Gary from BC, Canada
If someone was possibly exposed to CO once but never had any symptoms of poisoning at the time, could the bad long term symptoms show up later?

Definitely a sign
Julia from NH
I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue 5 years ago and have suffered terribly because of it. Last winter we bough a CO detector and it sounded the alarm the day we installed it. We returned it, thinking it was faulty and swapped it for the same model. Same thing, it went off.

Upon investigation it was found that our furnace was faulty and had been pumped carbon monoxide into our home for years.

So in my case, chronic fatigue syndrome was definitely a sign of CO poisoning.

I still feel as though my health has been ruined by this.

Concerned about humanity
This looks like a pretty strong list of some of the major "diseases" we are facing as a society. Maybe we really should start looking at how we are living and the kinds of things we are exposing our bodies and brain too.

In my opinion (and probably that of many others), western science has actually caused many of these diseases because it has created products and chemicals and electromagnetic forces that place a huge burden on the cells in our bodies. We are unable to take the "bio-load"and we break down.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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