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Carbon monoxide is a leading cause of poisoning death worldwide AND a leading cause of poisoning related injury - but the injury side of the story is virtually ignored.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is well known for its danger and symptoms while a person is being poisoned. However, just because someone removes themself from the environment that poisoned them does not mean they have escaped the velcro-like grip of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is much less known for the complex, baffling and disabling health problems it can cause in the weeks, months, and years after the poisoning injury.

Carbon monoxide injury causes or triggers cellular malfunctioning - which in turn can cause, trigger, or worsen any number of health problems.

Because symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning mimic so many common health problems, most victims don't even know they are actually being poisoned by carbon monoxide - yet they may go on to experience health problems because of it.

Many people make a full recovery however, an unknown but significant percentage experience a wide range of ongoing health issues - almost always unaware that carbon monoxide related injury could be at the root of the problem.

The symptoms and after effects may be obvious or they can be subtle. Never-the-less, poisoning can leave its mark in many ways.

This site is made by poisoning survivors

There is a shortage of information about the real impact of carbon monoxide poisoning. This site is here to change that. It brings a view that can only come from those that know what it is like to have been poisoned - as well as live with the long term impact.

This site is for:

Often a survivor and those around them never understand that it is the injury and damage resulting from poisoning that has subtly or significantly altered their health, behavior, and experience of what it means to be alive.

Although difficult to prove, health issues related to poisoning damage can surface years later. "Footprints" of carbon monoxide injury are almost always diagnosed as commonly known health problems and disorders.

This site can be used to help understand how a past poisoning may still be playing a role, like that of a silent stalker in a survivors life.

Some of this information is "heavy" but it is helpful to:

For someone poisoned by multiple exposures, it can be an extremely important "aha moment" to come to the understanding that an uninvited intruder (CO) has been silently meddling in their life - and in some cases, the lives of their entire household or building - often for years.

The symptoms and effects while elevated levels of carbon monoxide are in the body can be minor but can also be extremely serious - causing damage - affecting the brain, heart, nervous system, endocrine system, and other organs - resulting in subtle and not-so-subtle changes to personality, behavior, and health.

People respond differently to the same level of carbon monoxide exposure. Symptoms and after effects can range from mild to severe in people with the same level of exposure.

The short term and long term symptoms and effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can affect the daily functioning, work, finances, relationships, and future of more than just the survivor.

Getting help and treatment for ongoing health issues related to poisoning can be extremely frustrating for survivors. This drove us to create the first ever online program to provide information and recovery support for survivors.

Only knowledge, a level of self awareness and the will to recover can help navigate the potentially rocky road caused by poisoning.

This site is dedicated to those that have had their lives and health needlessly stolen - and to all people affected by the toxic echoes of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Your friends and the survivors at

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co alarm going off in bedroom
christopher peary from richmond
Coal fire back boiler decommissioned bedroom gets smokey and alarm gose off in airing cupboard

Loosing a parent to CO poisoning
Stefani Diana from NY
On January 7th 2013 we received a call from florida telling us thwey had found our beautiful mother in her bed, like she was sleeping peacefully. She had passed away in the middle of the night from CO poisoning. She came home, pulled her car in the garage, heard the phone in the house ringing, got distracted and went to answer it. She didn't realize she never turned off the car. Safe CO numbers are 9 ppms. the fire Dept will come out at 35 ppm. My mothers read 1600ppm. It burnt through an entire tank of gas, melted the battery and burnt out the motor. We had just lost our father Since than we started a non for profit foundation called The Diana foundation for CO Awareness. Diana-foundation.org. Please see the site, tell everyone you love what you learned and remember, It can happen to you......

Stefani Diana

No life
My family and friends left because I am not like I was before. I lost my job my home my health.. I need help.

Important question
Hello, How long can a person live in a environment that has carbon monoxide issues? Does anyone ever live and become ill for a period of time, or do people always get sick fast and then pass away, if they don't get help? Thank you !

Janice from Tennessee
In March of 1978 I was 18 and was asphyxiciated being a teen when I finally recovered and got out of the hospital visits I did not think of getting medical records now I am going on 55 and i have always had memory problems my Dr told me that short term memory loss was enevitible It has been like living with altzhimers since 1978. I am being dx with diseases I know I don't have and I am refusing to take the medications for fear they will have an adverse reaction with my health. In 1978 I had an IQ of 125 and I am not sure of what it is now. throught the years I have gone back to school and learned efficiently enough. Graduated with a 96 ave. If I use the information on a daily basis I can retain it. My Problem now is my memory is getting worse since I can no longer work in medical field for fear of hurting someone. I need to find info on the whole ordeal I am originally from Pa now I am in Tn the accident was in pa the hospital is changed over now and I have called and once was told that she remembered so i got excited thinking she would help me then she tells me that she is sure that the person (me) died. I don't think she remembered it well. lol when I tell drs here the story they look at me like i am crazy. and do not beleive me I have been dx with epilepsy and they want me to take a very strong perscription that is not good for me You seem to me to be a person who could help me So if you could find it in your heart to try i would greatly appreciate it. I have tried to find medical students who need a subject for their thesis. If you feel this will help please help me find the student. In 1978 the Hospital was Farrell Osteopathic Hospital in Farrell Pa My Dr. Fredrick Uberti is still alive but I have not been able to get his nurses to take this seriously. I will be calling the office again tomarrow please let me know if you could or would help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Janice M. Rossi
Dr Uberti said that i would be in a med book because I had enough to kill a herd of horses. Please Help Me. :)

stem cell therapy
karl from newzealand
has any one here under gone the use of stem cell therapy with any success. If so could you please leave details; I would really appreciate hering from you. Also has any one used colostrum and if so what benefits have you had thanks again Karl nz

dont do it
ej from minnesota
a former girlfreind of mine commited suicide last week, she had two cars running in a building i feel awful for her family even though we hadnt had any connection for a long time still pretty sad 30 years old i guess she was having some tough times wish she could have gotten help she was a good person

dont do it
ej from minnesota
a former girlfreind of mine commited suicide last week, she had two cars running in a building i feel awful for her family even though we hadnt had any connection for a long time still pretty sad 30 years old i guess she was having some tough times wish she could have gotten help she was a good person

Wikipedia entry is interesting
Louis from UK

Lots of info on Pathophysiology.

How to quench excess carbonmonoxide
Johny from India
I am using carbonmonoxide in a process of making some chemicals, I want to know how to quench the excess of carbonmonoxide

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