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Carbon monoxide poisoning
Emotional/ behavioral symptoms and after effects

Emotional and behavioral symptoms and after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning come from injury to the brain, other areas of the nervous system, and to cells throughout the body.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in:

  • Behavior and personality changes

  • Reduced ability to cope with stress

  • More easily emotionally effected

  • Increased agitation and confusion

  • Reduced threshold for frustration

  • Larger swings in mood stability

  • Lack of interest in things that used to be fulfilling

  • More easily overwhelmed

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Panic attacks

  • Irritability and anger

  • Verbal aggression

  • Rages

  • More reactive and volatile

  • Impulsivity

  • Inappropriateness (saying things without filtering for appropriateness)

  • More easily shocked

  • Potential for unusual, bizarre and irrational behavior

  • Potential for hallucinations and delusions

  • Decreased libido (particularly women)

  • Heightened PMS symptoms

Emotional and behavioral symptoms and "side" effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may [significantly] rise and fall depending on diet, environmental factors, and physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Short to mid term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may also include physical, mental, and social symptoms/effects; and continue as long term effects.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous because it deprives all cells of oxygen and poisons them. It can cause brain injury, brain damage, and impact brain functioning.

Poisoning can also affect the heart, disrupt or damage endocrine function, and cause other kinds of damage.

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Pamela from CA
Many years ago my daughter Keli was unconscious for several hours due to carbon monoxide poisoning while I was driving our van and she was in the back sleeping. She was around 6 yrs old. My other daughter saved her sisters life when she went back in the van to sleep and started to seize almost immediately...that's when I became aware there was an emergency situation. Long story short, I went to a hospital and it took a very long time for Keli to awaken. She became red and that's when the medical personnel knew she had been unconscious due to carbon monoxide. Keli has many of the symptoms listed here in the article. She is now 42 yrs old and has had a difficult life emotionally, especially rage and anger. I never understood why, until recently when I saw her in an extreme emotional state, and remembered the incident and wondered if it had had resulted in brain damaage.

The question I have is: Can anything be done about it now and should I bring this up to her after all these years? She and I are both RN's, so we have some medical knowledge to better understand this information, but I'm just not sure how to proceed. I would very much appreciate feedback from a medical professional who has experience in this area, and any others who have had similar experiences.

Panic Attacks
I am a Carbon Monoxide Survivor and suffered from Panic Disorder / Anxiety Attacks for 4 years.

I've seen a few specialists (Psychologist and Psychiatrist), and both were useless. 1 just tired to get me hooked up on drugs and the other kept on asking irrelevant questions. She asked me what triggered my Panic Attacks, I told her it was due to a near death experience while I was driving a beat up car that had horrible exhaust leaks and a bad headgasket that seeped Radiator Fluid fumes into the cabin.

I thought I was going to die that day when I couldn't get a good breath of air, my heart was pounding and my entire body was numb and I had very bad headache. This all happened at the same time. Just 2 hrs before this, I had trouble breathing. So I drove him and bam, left arm went numb, I kept driving, now entire body is numb, exited the freeway and almost blacked out.

Even after telling her all this, she kept on trying to get into my past relationships and how I might be faking it to get attention.

Long story short, I overcame my panic attacks and agoraphobia thru CBT.

I still get relapse here and there but I don't let it control me or scare me to death like I did before.

Alex from Montana
The stuff on this list reads like a check list of the symptoms I have experienced since my co poisoning.

It took me a long time to become aware of them in a way that I could describe the symptoms. They were definitely there but it is hard to notice things from the inside looking out.

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